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Kinder Ninjas/ Little Dragons Program


Or $250/term
  • Sessions Per Week
  • 1

  • Joining Fee
  • (Includes Affiliation & Student Insurance)
  • $97

  • 3rd Family Member
  • 1/2 Price Fees

  • 4th Family Member
  • Free Training
  • Sessions Per Week
  • 2

  • Joining Fee
  • (Includes Affiliation & Student Insurance)
  • $97

  • 3rd Family Member
  • 1/2 Price Fees

  • 4th Family Member
  • Free Training
  • Leadership Program
  • $5 pw

  • 20min Private Training session With Junior Instructors
  • $20

  • 30min Private Training session With Sensei Mara or Coach Benny
  • $60

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you just want some relaxed people to welcome you into a friendly learning environment or you wish to join our Elite BJJ Competitors and MMA fighters.

Our programs include:

  • BJJ beginner program – ease into the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle with this 8-week program
  • Intermediate classes – further your learning and prepare to compete
  • Self-Defense program – Learn the original Gracie techniques & prepare for grading and life!
  • Wrestling and No-gi – Take your Submission Grappling to the next level
  • Mixed Martial Arts – Learn fighting skills from Canberra’s top MMA Team!

Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Turnbull Martial Arts Academy maintains the original elements of the Jiu Jitsu passed from the Gracie family to our Jiu Jitsu Master Jorge PEREIRA and then to Roots BJJ Founder Paulo GUIMARAES.


  • Self-Defense
  • Jiu Jitsu fight skills (Vale Tudo)
  • Gi competition techniques
  • No-gi (Submission Grappling)

Professor Paulo GUIMARAES founded Roots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when he moved to Australia in 2000 and became the 1st Brazilian Black belt Instructor teaching in Australia. He named his Academies Roots in respect of the close ties to the founding family and lineage of the art. The importance of the Spirit of the Samurai and never forgetting the Martial significance of the art is another important aspect of the Roots Academies.

The Roots code of values are RESPECT, HONOUR, LOYALTY & FAMILY

BJJ is the fastest growing martial art and encompasses a series of Strikes, throws, locks and submissions to subdue your opponent.

Known in Brazil as the “Arte Suave” or Gentle Art, Jiu-Jitsu has evolved from the Samurai method of breaking your opponent inside his armor to the perfect addition to a life less ordinary. BJJ has been widely adopted by Police, security and military personal for its superior self-defense and arrest and control methods and is superb for building ones self-defence ability.

BJJ’s incredible rise in popularity is largely due to its acclaimed success in style vs style Martial Arts tournaments leading to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a whole-body exercise that is similar in intensity to a functional fitness workout. The process for reaching this level of fight-fitness starts with the beginner’s program which eases members into the training environment in a step-by step, supportive manner.

I’ve never done anything like this before.

At TMA & Roots Bjj there is no need to feel nervous! We are a friendly and inviting team of enthusiasts who want to welcome you into our family and help you achieve your fitness and confidence goals!

Students are never thrown in the deep end at TMA. Rather they are built up a little at a time to the point we they may join the intermediate and advanced classes. So many members came to the Academy a little apprehensive at first and in no-time could hardly believe the confidence and ability they developed.

In the beginner program you will be able to train at a level and pace that is comfortable for you.

Each new member is provided with a technique checklist to follow your progress through the course!

BJJ will transform your body and your mental attitude and outlook within weeks!

Each class includes:

  • 4 phases: Warmup, Technique, drilling and rolling
  • Cardiovascular, muscular endurance and stamina
  • Stretching and breathing exercises to build your flexibility
  • High intensity, fat-burning workouts during the ground rolling phase
  • Body awareness and exercises that will drastically increase your mobility

Regardless of height, weight, age, level or ability, once you set foot on the mats, you are part of the Roots family and all egos are left at the door.

We also offer advanced BJJ classes with a higher level of technical instruction for those who have trained in BJJ previously and want to take their training to the next level.

We have a team of committed BJJ instructors with an incredible wealth of experience and depth of knowledge. Most classes are run by Black or Brown belts with a decade of experience. Many have extensive teaching credentials and intimately understand the various learning styles and how to cater for different learners. All are experienced Jiu Jitsu competitors (including international competitors) and several are veteran MMA fighters.

The great mix of talent in our coaches always results in a dynamic class that has something for everyone.

Our supportive team culture is relaxed and friendly. Our classes are not primarily about winning or losing but learning and developing your core skills and techniques. Along the way the real value in these lessons will be revealed to you. The attributes you develop on the mat will seep through into your life. Coping with pressure, working through the problem, being patient, maintaining balance, achieving control and ridding yourself of ego.

Real progress in BJJ boils down to this formula – TOTM = Time on the mat!

You can start at any time you are ready.

How many classes can I do?

We highly recommend training twice a week to ensure you gain the benefits of training and know life can get busy. We have membership packages available from training once a week to 5 classes.

We believe teenagers are capable of training with adults.

Yes we do, Saturday mornings